Welcome to our Homeschool Space!

It has taken a couple months of researching, dreaming and building, but we are finally finished with our homeschooling space!

This playroom used to house a couch and a bookshelf (that I found 6 years ago on Craiglist for $200 and spent 22 hours painting it white!) containing all of our board games.

I knew I wanted to have all of our materials organized in one space so that I wouldn’t have to go running through the house to find this and that to complete an assignment. By moving the board games, it provided a large open space that I could fill with necessary materials.

Next up, the workspace. I give all of the glory to Erica Arndt of Confessions of a Homeschooler who graciously shared her IKEA “super-desk” idea on her blog, going so far as to provide a Room Tour. After a few measurements and negotiations with my husband I was off to IKEA to purchase the materials:

My husband purchased four brackets from Home Depot to secure the two tabletops together.

And voila! I filled the game room space with bins of materials for each of the three grades (Pre-K, 1st and 3rd) I will be using to teach the first 15 weeks (I stored the materials for the remainder of the year in separate bins in a closet upstairs) and plopped a Classroom Craft Keeper in the middle of the desk for each access to frequently used items such as crayons, pencils and glue.

It will likely never look this put-together again, as they’ve already claimed it as another imaginative play-place but we are still glad to have it ready for learning in a few weeks!

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