Charts! Charts! Get Your Charts!

Lord, the subject of charts can be a touchy one for parents. I must admit that sentence feels rather ridiculous to type but there’s truth in the insanity!

Charts can be effective or (gasp!) addictively extrinsically motivating. Charts can feel oddly freeing for the Type A personality and constricting to those who feel “boxed” in (sorry, I had to).

One this is for sure- there is no shortage of charts in this day and age. And for our family, they have been helpful.

Here are some of the charts we have used:

Morning/Evening Checklist

I first wrote about this chart on my other blog New Leaf Parenting in an article titled Custom Creation. It’s such an effective chart, that it is worth mentioning again.

I borrowed the idea from a blogger named Amy who explains how to create your morning/evening checklist in this article. Here is what ours ended up looking like.

Our girls LOVE their chart. It replaces my need to remind them every two minutes of what they need to do next to get ready and bonus, gives them something kinesthetic to do as they complete each task. They love hearing the “click” of the magnets attracting. These charts have surprisingly lasted three years now! Since we are homeschooling this year, it’s time for them to get an update (read: no book bag necessary). I highly recommend them for both morning and nighttime routines.

Allowance Chart

In the same article I shared the morning/evening chart, I also shared our allowance chart. This worked great for years to motivate our girls. The charts were attached by a heavy duty clip to our refrigerator. Once they filled up their game board, they were able to cash in. As our girls have gotten older, they better understand the value of a dollar and unfortunately, are no longer motivated by pennies 😂.

Every time the child completed a task, they received the associated coin and were able to stick it to their chart. Once they filled up the chart, they could cash in!

Combination Allowance/Daily Task Chart

As the girls aged, I started looking for a new daily task/chore chart and came across this great one. It provides the opportunity to combine both the daily tasks with money-making opportunities.

The Ol’ Fashion

My big girls got a little frustrated with the new daily/chore chart and wanted something simpler. Enter: The Ol’ Fashion.

Aurora unloads the dishwasher, sets and clears the table and makes her bed every weekday to receive $5 on Friday.

Harper feeds and cleans Oreo’s (our bunny rabbit) litter box (yes, he is potty trained- these are crazy times), sweeps the kitchen floor and makes her bed every weekday for $5.

If Emma, the four year-old, begins to gripe about not getting paid, the plan to is to have her open the window blinds (there are actually quite a few) and retrieve the newspaper everyday for $2 a week.

No chart. No stimulating visuals (sigh). Just ol’ fashion allowance!

He’s so adorable, how could you not want to clean up after him??

One thing I have learned, charts are a deeply personal (read that as dramatically as you would like) choice. What’s right for one family is not for the other. It can take a lot of research- I highly recommend a “chore chart” search of google photos or Pinterest but set aside 4 hours to go down that rabbit hole- but when you find “the one”, your life will officially feel complete. Ok, maybe not totally but it does add a little structure to your days and that is worth searching for!

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