Letting Go

I don’t think it’s fair to share our experience of homeschooling without also sharing our experience of exiting homeschooling.  So, here we go. I knew the transition would be difficult.  Let’s face it- for our family it read- wake as you please, school in your jammies, schedule life as we like. The change to public… Continue reading Letting Go

Let’s Go!

One year ago, in the face of a dooming pandemic, I made the difficult decision to homeschool. I worried. Oh, I worried.  I worried about FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out).  I worried about them becoming hermits, afraid of unfamiliar shadows.  I worried about them being taught by their mom, because as a former teacher myself,… Continue reading Let’s Go!


Want to hear the best thing ever? There’s no right way.  That’s it! That’s all! We are all going to die.  Some of us sooner than others,  So you know what? Let’s LIVE IT.  Let’s stop waiting for then.  The right time.  Because for some of us,  It’s never going to come.  Instead, here we… Continue reading Today


This isn’t just me teaching them. This is us learning together.

Lesson Planning 101

Even though I am using a curriculum that includes daily lesson plans, I still purchased a teacher’s lesson planning book in order to keep track of teaching 3 different grade levels for three of my children. In addition, I will be taking on the responsibility of teaching Piano Lessons to our two eldest girls so… Continue reading Lesson Planning 101

Better Late Than Never

Christmas morning, 1988. My step-dad surprised our family with matching jammies he had sewn himself. Long after their divorce, I regretted not learning how to sew myself, for the memory of his gesture has never left my mind. At 15, I left for an all-girls boarding school where one might assume I would have learned… Continue reading Better Late Than Never


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