This isn’t just me teaching them. This is us learning together.

Lesson Planning 101

Even though I am using a curriculum that includes daily lesson plans, I still purchased a teacher’s lesson planning book in order to keep track of teaching 3 different grade levels for three of my children. In addition, I will be taking on the responsibility of teaching Piano Lessons to our two eldest girls so… Continue reading Lesson Planning 101

Better Late Than Never

Christmas morning, 1988. My step-dad surprised our family with matching jammies he had sewn himself. Long after their divorce, I regretted not learning how to sew myself, for the memory of his gesture has never left my mind. At 15, I left for an all-girls boarding school where one might assume I would have learned… Continue reading Better Late Than Never

Facing Your Fears

I thought he was a stuffed animal. But then I reached out to pet him and he moved, sending me hollering! I was three years old and my mom had walked in the door with a tiny, black puppy- my worst fear at the time. She purchased the puppy to help me overcome my fear… Continue reading Facing Your Fears

I Caught You!

As a previous elementary school teacher and mother of four children, I am no stranger to misbehavior or cries for attention. My third-born has been testing my patience for the last 20 months. I have lost my cool with her more times than I care to count and attempted multiple methods to help her to… Continue reading I Caught You!

Moving Beyond the Page

Chances are, if you are a parent of school-aged children, you have been faced with some tough decisions concerning what to do with your children this coming school year. I struggled and found myself unhappy with all of the options: virtual learning, in-person learning during a pandemic, or homeschooling. For me, it came down to… Continue reading Moving Beyond the Page


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