Letting Go

I don’t think it’s fair to share our experience of homeschooling without also sharing our experience of exiting homeschooling. 

So, here we go.

I knew the transition would be difficult. 

Let’s face it- for our family it read- wake as you please, school in your jammies, schedule life as we like.

The change to public school was not taken lightly by our middle daughters. 

Whereas our oldest was ready-to-go, our middles struggled.

And as a mom who has sheltered them from all that covid life has had to offer, it was difficult for me to bear. 

At home, I was able to control. 

At school, I am a witness.

But it dawned on me- 

Isn’t that what the rest of her life is about?

Witnessing her growth?

Coaching from the sidelines, encouraging along the way. 

Giving her the space to lead.

Letting go. 

Camille Vaughan Photography