DIY Dollhouse

Home with four kids for the last 100 days, we are running thin on creative ideas to keep them entertained. Toilet paper rolls to the rescue!

Maybe it’s the elementary school teacher in me or perhaps it’s the prospect of homeschooling this upcoming school year but I can’t seem to bring myself to throw away a paper towel or toilet paper roll, much less a tissue box or cereal box- they are free craft materials, after all!

I present to you, a DIY Dollhouse crafted by my three big girls and their very patient babysitter.

Not only did they create a two story house out of our Kiwi Crate Boxes but they also created furniture out of popsicle sticks and pipe cleaners from the Dollar Tree! If you look closely, you’ll see bunk beds, a couch and even a rug. We ordered the Peg Dolls from Amazon- honestly, they play with those dolls more than any other plastic we have in the house.

After years of failing to keep the craft materials in order, I finally broke down and purchased a Craft Cabinet. It holds everything from googly eyes, buttons and pom-poms to tape, glue and beads. I haven’t gotten around to labeling it yet- one day at a time….for now, it gets the job done and has definitely inspired the girls to craft more often :). I call that a win!

Now the question is. . . how long will this sucker last before it finds its way to the recycling bin? A great excuse to make a new one! Happy Crafting!

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